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Would you like the chance to get FREE books (who wouldn’t?)?  Well here are some websites that you can check out and learn how to get books absolutely free!  Check back every so often because I will be posting more sites that giveaway free books as I find them.

Random Buzzers NOTE: If you join this site please put that Mistwraith referred you, thanks! –

Book Divas –

Pulse IT –

First Look –


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    • Gabriela Estrada
    • Posted February 25, 2009 at 12:32 am
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    Hi ellen i am gabriela well gaby i wanted to thank you for writing the vampire Kisses series ever since i have read the books i fall more and more in love with them i even dream about them i read that you might want to make eight books but after that will you try to write a book 9 or 10? well i also wanted to ask you if you i could get your aoutograph? if i could you could send it to . and to the namer of Gabriela Estrada that would be so kind. one more question. i wanted to know if you have planned to come to Los angeles California? i am suere you have lots of fans here and i am one of them i would really like to meet you. and about the whole AUTOGRAPH. i would love it and keep it 4 ever THANK YOU SO MUCH 4 EVERYTHING


    I have removed your address for safety reasons – Mariah

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