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Category Archives: In the Mail

Another week has already gone by (can you believe it?!?), and with it came books, 6!  So without further ado, here are the 6 books I was lucky enough to receive.  Note: For some reason the pictures are not staying where I put them, so the post looks weird, I’m really sorry about that.

Baron Thinks Dogs are People Too! by Laurie Dean
Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton



City Above the Sea: And Other Poems by Stephen Slan Saft
Secrets Unveiled by Sheshena Pledger



Zoe Lucky and the Green Gables’ Mystery by M. Carol Coffey
Mission Accomplished: Stop the Stop by Muriel P. Engelman


Zoe Lucky 


I thought you guys might be interested to know what upcoming reviews you could see, so I’ll start to show you at the end of every week the books I got in the mail.  This week it was:

Straight from the Horse’s Heart by R.T. Fitch
Girls Inc. Presents: You’re Amazing! by Claire Mysko









The Quilter’s Kitchen by Jennifer Chiverini
Savvy Girl by Lynn Messina