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Hello! My name is Mariah. I love animals, I have 4 pets, 2 Jack Russells, Lucy and Piglet, a leopard gecko, Nayoko (it’s Japanese for daughter of Nayo), and a Red Albino Corn snake, Leviathan, but I just call him Levi for short. Piglet’s birthday is the same as mine. I love to write! I’ve written several poems, a few stories here and there, quite a few songs, and I’m currently working on a book about penguins. I’m obsessed with penguins, I actually call myself the Pen Stealing Penguin Queen. I love pens too…. I LOVE to read. I have over 300 books. I’m also a Christian and I have a younger brother.  If you have any book suggestions e-mail them to me at!  Also, for all you authors out there, if you want me to review your book, just send me an e-mail at as well.



  1. You need to give an biography of yourself!!!

  2. I’m working on the biography right now!

  3. How about a review of Elissa’s Quest? I just finished it and thought it was fantastic. It really deserves much more attention than it’s gotten. (Maybe the heroine has too many morals for the mass book market.)

  4. You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.

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