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ellen1I recently interviewed Ellen Shreiber, author of the Vampire Kisses series amongst other books. Check out her website at! She has some exciting books news to share you all of you. Book 7 in the Vampire Kisses series, Royal Blood, will be out in June. Also, all of the Vampire Kisses book covers are getting a make-over! So here is my interview with her, enjoy!

How thrilling is it to walk into a bookstore and see your books on the shelves? It is amazing!!! Mostly a surreal, feeling. But I get excited every time I see them.

Was the publishing process hard? My brother was instrumental in the beginning. He showed my first book to his Dutch publisher and that publisher took my book. I was ecstatic! That publisher published the other books I wrote. However, it took a little longer to get it to US publishers, since I didn’t have an agent. I sent Teenage Mermaid to Katherine Tegen at HarperCollins when I read that she was taking unsolicited (not represented by an agent) manuscripts. I was amazed to hear back from her that she wanted to publish it–and two of my other novels. She’s also been instrumental in my career!

Do you need to have something or be somewhere specific when you write? No, I usually can write anywhere. I have an overactive imagination and it helps to write it down sometimes–even if I’m not at the computer. Otherwise, I just remember the scenes and write them down later. I usually switch the location that I write it–to keep things fresh.

From what or where do you get your inspiration? Everything–love, moods, a title that I come up with.

It must be hard to write a series. Do you ever get tired of the characters and wish you could start something new? I do love writing about Raven and Alexander. I don’t get tired, but rather inspired by continuing their story–but I do have some other novels I work on in between writing them.

Why do you think people today are so in love with vampires? I think it’s nice to escape and romance is always hot. Also, vampires are very sexy and alluring. I think they are popular all the time.

What is one thing readers might be interested to know about you? That when I’m not writing, I love to shopp on ebay.

Ms. Schreiber has also been kind enough to give away one of her books!  She is even autographing it!! One winner will have his/her choice of a paperback of Vampire Kisses or a hardback of the Coffin Club. This contest ends 11:59 p.m. Central on February 27, 2009. I will then pick a random winner using and e-mail them, they will have 2 days to respond, otherwise I will pick another winner. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment saying that you would like to win. Please provide your first name and a valid e-mail address.

Want extra entries? Please post each extra entry earned in a separate post, otherwise they will not count! Here’s how:

Blog about this giveaway [provide link (+1 entry)]
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Myspace about this giveaway (+1 entry)
E-mail 5 friends with the link to this post [include my e-mail, (+1 entry)]
Subscribe to my blog (+2 entries)

Good luck everybody!!



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    i posted a link on my blog.
    (need i say “same email”?)

  1. I’m interested to win…

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    Same email for the one above!

  4. I would like to join the giveaway!

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  7. i would love to win thanks for the giveaway

  8. omg!
    i love your books soo much!
    they are like my bible! =]
    you are such a great writer!
    i would really like to win an autographed
    book from you! =DD

  9. I’d love to read this one. Thanks for including me.

  10. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed too.


    I subscribed to your RSS feed & I also posted on on facebook.

  12. Please enter me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I’d like to win! My sister loves vampire romances and I’d love to give this to her.

  14. Wow! You’re getting a lot of attention! Good work.

  15. I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Christina Brunetti
    • Posted February 14, 2009 at 2:58 pm
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    I would love to read this.


  16. I would like to win!!

  17. Thank you for the contest

  18. i would LOVE to win!
    please enter me.

  19. I would love to win.

  20. i posted a blog about it on myspace

  21. i posted a note about it on facebook.
    [oh and by the way the sandy above the one without an email is the same one if it doesnt show later.]
    (same email from above)

  22. I would love to win! :D

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  24. Hi,I would like to win VK 5.

  25. Hey, I just subscribed to your blog!

  26. I would like to be in the giveaway!!

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  27. i blogged about the giveaway….

    again, my email is:
    and my name is still Lizzie^^

  28. i emailed a link to five people… i think i may have also sent it to your address^^…whoops!


  29. ummm, i think i suscribed to this…i mean i put The Fanatic Reviewer Feedburner thingie on my google…..



  30. I would like to enter!!

    name: Aurora

    and yes there are 2 e’s in zombiee^^

  31. I Facebooked about the giveaway

  32. Hey, I emailed a link to 5 people, and i think i sent it to you as well!
    (I am the same kayla from above)

  33. Just to clarify, my email is the same for all of the posts I made. This is a great contest!

  34. i am glad about this contest i hope i do win. here is my e-mail

    and i blogged about this

    i also myspace about this

    also facebook about this

    i am also Subscribed to your blog

    i hope i win

  35. I would love to win the first book in Vampire Kisses for my daughter! She would LOVE this series!

  36. I subscribe via RSS feed

  37. Second entry for subscribing

  38. How’d you get so many people to come to your blog?

  39. Win!! :D

  40. I posted a bulliten on my myspace!I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve your series and NEED the last one Please hope you’ll pick me!!

  41. by the way my email is this for the contest of ellen schreiber

  42. Thanks so much!

  43. I would love to win this.

  44. I posted a note on facebook.

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  46. I would like to enter!

    name: Kimberly

  47. I want to win!!!

  48. i love ellen schreiber vampire kisses series! no idea!

  49. I think you are absolutly amazing!
    your books are so addictive!
    i cant wait for the rest of the of the books to come out!
    i just finished the coffin club and i wanted it to go on longer!
    love love love your work, it is writers like you, anne rice, egar allen poe, and stephine myer, that inspire me to become a better writer. thankyou so much.
    Forever fan

  50. I would absolutely love an autographed copy of Vampire Kisses. I’ve read it like six times and have all the books. I can’t wait ’til the next book and manga comic comes out. They are awesome. Please random machiney thingy pick me!!!;)=

  51. I just emailed 5 of my best friends. THEY ALL read these books too.

  52. There go 5 more emails. I lurve my buddies.

  53. my favorite series! :)

  54. I would like to win!!

  55. I’ll like to win

  56. i would love to win this contest! thanks for putting up this contest. :)

  57. i just posted a blog about the giveaway/contest my link is :)

  58. posted a bulletin on myspace!

  59. i just posted a link on facebook its in the link section :the email is :)

  60. i just sent it to 5 ppl including you when you get it the email will be:

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  62. I would like to enter the contest.

  63. i posted a bulletin in myspace about the contest.
    My URL:

  64. I would like to win the Coffen Club book.

    My name is Charissa and my email is charissajackson(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    Here is a link to my facebook where I posted this webpage (I hope this link worked, I don’t know how to use facebook all to well yet)

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    I subscribed to your blog.
    My name is charissa and my email is

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