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Title: Savvy Girl
Author: Lynn Messina
Pages: 264 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-15-206161-6

  Savvy Girl by Lynn Messina tells the story of 17-year-old, Chrissy Gibbons.  Chrissy has obtained her dream job, an internship at the hottest magazine, Savvy.  On her first day, it is announced that Savvy will be adding a new column to their magazine, Savvy Girl.  One of the lucky 4 interns will be asked to write the column, all they have to do is write a sample article for the column.  When Chrissy is befriended by the fashion editor, Jessica, she is taken to all of the best parties, and gets to meet tons of famous people.  She soon gets wrapped up in the glamorous life, and procastinates about her Savvy Girl article.  Among all the parties (and even a couple of boys), she also starts to neglect her best friend, Lily, whose parents are getting a divorce.  This book is fast-paced, and filled with wonderful characters.

  This was a wonderful book, I really enjoyed it!  It was fun, and each character had a flaw, which made them more real.  You can easily relate to the characters, they don’t have superpowers or anything.  It teaches you the lesson of friendship, and how wonderful friends can be.


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  1. Sounds interesting!

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