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Title: The Bomb that Followed me Home
Author: Cevin Soling
Pages: 37 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-9767771-2-0
Website: http://www.

The Bomb that Followed me Home  The Bomb that Followed me Home by Cevin Soling is the story of a young boy who finds a bomb following him home.  He names the bomb Rusty and begs his mother to let him keep it.  Mother tells him about the responsabilites of keeping a bomb.  Rusty must be polished, be guarded over every night, and have its fuse changed every day.  The boy promises that he will take good care of it, but mother makes him wait until his father comes home.  It seems like an eternity before he finally comes home from work, but when he does, he sternly refuses the boy’s plea to keep the bomb.  The father calls everyone, the Department of Defense, the National Guard, and even the Weathermen, trying to find the owner of the lost bomb.  Without success, they give the bomb to their grouchy neighbors.  What will happen now that the neighbors own the bomb?

  I wasn’t too entirely impressed with this book.  I found it a little confusing.  It’s filled with big words that younger ones may not be able to understand.  Although I do like that the author is trying to put a different spin on the classic tale (of a dog following a boy home), I don’t think that it was done the best that it could have been.  Though if you are looking for a book with some humor in it, you may want to check this book out.


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  1. Hmm… sorry Mr. Author, but you could have thought of something better, it sounds like.

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