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Title: Baron Thinks Dogs are People too!
Author: Laurie Dean
Pages: 24 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-60131-035-4

  Baron Thinks Dogs are People tooby Laurie Dean is a children’s book about a lovable dog named Baron.  More than anything, Baron wants a best friend.  While he is trying to get the attention of his family, Baron misbehaves, causing his family to send him to obedience school.  “Doggie” school is hard for Baron.  They teach him to sit, heel, and stand.  When the father announces to his family that he must go away for awhile with the Air Force, Baron decides to put the good behavior he has learned into action.  While the father is gone, Baron sits quietly in the car, and heels next to mother on their walk.  A snow storm soon comes and lets the children out of school.  Billy pulls girls around on the sled, but they soon go inside and leave Billy out all alone.  Baron knows what he must do, he runs over to Billy and pulls him on the sled.  Baron has now found his best friend, Billy.

  I found this to be a great children’s book.  The pages are covered with bright illustrations.  It is very easy to understand, the little ones will be able to keep up.  This book can also teach them the power of friendship, and the importance of obedience.  Great for curling up on a rainy day with your special kiddo, or a bedtime read!



  1. Sounds really good. Maybe I”ll check it out from the library for my little sibs (although Sawyer might get bored…!)

  2. Ha, yes, I’m afraid Sawyer would get a little bored.

  3. He does love dogs though, but I guess at age 13, 24 pages about dogs isn’t as exciting as it used to be!

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