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Well look no further!  Henry over at Self-Publishing Review has compiled a list of blogs that review self-published books.  Some of these blogs also review non-self-published books, so maybe you’ll find another really cool book review blog!  Just head on over to and check out the list!  Henry is also looking for more people to review self-published books, so if you’d like to give reviewing books a shot, or you already do, then consider writing reviews for this site!  There are a few requirements for the reviews, they must be over 350 words, and they can’t be identical to another review that you have written.  And don’t forget to browse the rest of the site while your there!



  1. Thanks for the write-up! Excited about the prospects for this site – I want to make it an epicenter for self-publishers to get information and find reviews. It’ll only be as strong as its writers though, so if you’re interested in writing for the site (and promoting a book or site in the process) please contact me at the site. Thanks!

  2. Cool Mariah…. sounds like you’re getting some interest. You do very well on your reviews.

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