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  I have two reviews for you!  Yes, two!  Since I’ve been so busy and haven’t had time to get on and post reviews for you guys, I though I owed y’all more than just one, and I only have time for two, but I promise to try and get on again tomorrow and post two more!  So here we go, I hope you enjoy them!


Reforming the Potter’s Clay review


Once again it’s another book about the common discussion in many households across America, should we allow our children to read Harry Potter or should we keep it away from them?  In Reforming the Potter’s Clay by Donald James Parker, the Morales family is divided.  There are two positive votes for Harry Potter and one against it.  Much to EJ and Pedro’s, the two kids of the family, dismay, only Sal’s, the father, vote counts.  Sal is afraid that Harry Potter will teach his two children bad things.  What will the Morales family decide?  You’ll have to read the book for yourself!
  I never really got into this book.  The Morales family decides that Harry Potter is bad.  I really enjoy the Harry Potter books, and as a reader, it’s frusturating to me to see all the books that only mention the bad about Harry Potter.  I find nothing wrong with the Harry Potter books, but sorry, this isn’t about me and my rant on that.  If your divided about the Harry Potter books, then you  may want to read this book, but just remember, you may want to inform yourself about the GOOD points in Harry Potter, before you make a definate decision!

The Bulldog Compact review

  In Madison, South Dakota, the Bulldogs always produce a losing basketball team.  Bambi decides that he is going to change that.  He puts together a contract which he names, The Bulldog Contract.  Bambi gives this contract to everybody on the 8th grade basketball team and encourages everybody to sign it.  ONce they sign it though, they have to commit to conditioning themselves for their highschool years so that they can win the State Championship!  This book is full of hard work, determination, and great spirit!  The Bulldog Compact by Donald James Parker is a good book for everyone!
  This book is well written and it gives great examples of hard work, determination, and great spirit, something we all need more of!  Whether you need more confidence, or your just looking for a good read, this is the book for you!


To learn more about Donald James Parker and his books visit his website at!



  1. Well in my family Harry Potter books are definately NOT allowed. I could debate over this why not all day! :) But, I do believe that many good Christian people, (not saying anyone I know falls into this catagory, because I don’t think I do know anyone who would fall in here!) are sometimes growing lax in their awareness of the books they read, the movies they go see and the TV shows they watch. Particulary us kids, we can’t always comprehend and decern what it is we are reading and watching as well as our parents and other adults can. And what we put into our heads is often almost impossible to get out. So if we watch lots of horror and blood, it will effect us, if we read or hear a lot of bad words, before you even notice, one might pop out of your mouth. As Christians we are called to be “In the world, but not of it” but if we go around watching and reading the exact same magazines, movies and TV show that everyone else is, is it going to to help or hurt our testimony? I personally have never seen a PG 13 movie. And that’s just fine with me. Why do I need to fill my head with such movies, when 9 times out of 10 the knowledge I glean from the movie will hurt me rather than help? I know kids who are 4 years old who have seen PG-13 movies and they certainly do not need to be watching these kinds of movies. They should still be watching Barney and Sesame Street! Non Christian writers are very subtle, they will stick in viewpoints that are against things Christians believe in, and we might, without even noticing, begin to agree, simply because we’ve seen it over and over in TV shows and in movies.Plus, lots of media clearly and blatently stands up for things that we as Christians outspokenly are against, but still who is helping the movie make money by buying the video or buying tickets? Christians are! If we say “The 10 comandments are right! Therefore, murdering, stealing and so forth are wrong!” then go watch a movie that tries to tell you that all of these things are just fine, and that you can get away with doing such things, if you think it’s for the best, doesn’t that discredite all you say you believe in? Now, don’t get me wrong here, I don’t believe that every movie and TV show, and book has bad in it, I am just asking everyone to be extremely catious with what enters their mind. Especially us kids, think about it, we are in our youth, the time we need to begin praying and asking the Lord what He wants us to do with our lives, and preparing for the future. We have enough trouble trying to remain an example of Christ in a dark world, why should we watch and read materials that only reenforce what others all around us are saying? The darkness is real, and it is here, and the devil will try to trip us in anyway possible, and often he won’t go through the front door with temptations, he’ll try to hit us from behind. In ways we don’t even hardly realize. Now we are not little kids anymore, we don’t have to have our parents help us with everything that we do, so it is our time to start making a difference and helping further God’s Kingdom, and so we must be very, very careful with what we see, do, hear and say.
    In Him,
    Your friend,

    Sorry for this long winded lecture! :) Please tell me your views on it!

  2. Mariah! I’m dying of worriedness here, what do you think? Was I to harsh? Did I press my views on you (the reader)? Please tell me!

  3. Hey Mariah, how ya been? On Christmas break yet?
    Whatcha want for Christmas?

  4. Well, I certainly don’t agree with you, but that’s ok. Our difference in opinions is what makes us who we are.

    I have been good, really busy with the holidays and all, and I’m recovering from the flu (which is why I haven’t posted anything). I’m on Christmas break until next Tuesday. The main things on my Christmas list were books, a subscription to Writer’s Digest, and Hannah Montana Season 1 on DVD. I was lucky this year and got all three of those and more!

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