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Author: Joshua Doder


Tim and his dog Grk leave their home in London, England to go on a holiday in New York City with his friends Natascha and Max.  They visit the Empire State Building, ride the Staten Island Ferry, and view the Golden Dachshund statue at the National Museum.  Then, the billion-dollar statue disappears, and the police need help.  Max goes down to the station to tell the police everything he knows, but Tim soon discovers that Max is giving the police false information.  Tim decides that it’s up to him to find the criminal, problem is, the only clue they have is a trail of hot dogs.

I found Grk and the Hot Dog Trail very amusing.  Even though it’s a book meant for little kids, I greatly enjoyed it.  Joushua Doder is coming out with another Grk book in January 2009, Grk: Operation Tortoise.  I hope I have the chance to read it.

Overall I would give it 5 stars.


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