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Author: Alan Armstrong


Raleigh’s Page
by Alan Armstrong is about young, 11-year-old, Andrew Saintleger.  All Andrew wants to do is go to American where there are no landlords, no taxes, and where there will be a place for Catholics like his friend Rebecca.  When Andrew turns 12 he is taken to live in the Queen’s court to be a page to Mr. Raleigh.  Andrew learns lots of new things and goes on many exciting adventures.  When Andrew has been with Mr. Raleigh for awhile, Mr. Raleigh gives Andrew exciting news, Andrew gets to go to America!  While in America, Andrew sees lots of new things, meets a lot of Indians, and even gets a dog which he names Salt.

 I wasn’t too impressed with Raleigh’s Page.  It didn’t seem to flow together the way I like books to go.  It seemed like there were chapters missing in some parts, it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense.  I’m not planning on reading this book again, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

Overall I would give it 1 star.



  1. how’s your novel coming?

  2. I actually haven’t worked on it in a long time. I haven’t had any time at all with homework (they have really been piling it on!). So ya…I’m most definately not going to come anywhere close to 50,000+ words.

  3. Oh, ok, yeah I’ve been really busy too.

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