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I’m terribly sorry that the review is late, I have had so much homework and such this week, it’s been CRAZY!  So anyway, here is the late Tuesday review!

Author:  Lisa Barham

Accidentally Fabulous by Lisa Barham is the third book that stars Imogene.  This time, fashion-obsessed Imogene and her BFF Evie are spending spring break in L.A. for a Fashion Fantasy Camp (FFC).  In the middle of FFC Imogene gets a call from one of the most famous managers in the world, she says that she wants to make a movie out of Imogene’s life!  With all the things that come with fame and fortune, hot boys, money, and all the parties, will she be able to become famous, without losing her best friend?

I wasn’t too impressed with this book.  It sounded good, but reading it bored me.  Something I did like about the book was the illustrations.  They were so cute!  They were just little pictures, but they were my favorite thing about the book.


One Comment

  1. I always appreciate an honest review. It sounds like it could be a fun book, but maybe a little predictable?

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog!

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