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Author: Jan Adkins



Frank Lloyd Wright had a very interesting life.  Once he was out in the world on his own, his mother still went everywhere with him, no matter where he moved, she always lived no more than 2 hours away.  When he was a child his father left and his mother re-married.  She abused her new husband’s children.  This did not have a good affect on Frank.  When he was older he was never mentally sound.  He had several wives and several children, and he never was good with his finances.  Even though all these things were going on, he was an amazing architect.  Designing buildings had always been easy to him, even when he was a small child.  During the 1920’s he built one of his most innovative residences, Graycliff, just south of Buffalo, New York.  He died on April 9th, 1959.

I found this book very interesting.  I had heard of Frank Lloyd Wright, but I didn’t know anything about him.  He built some really cool buildings and I am very glad that I now know more about him.  This book was well written, easy to understand, and gave a lot of interesting information. 

Overall I give it 5 stars.


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  4. Hey check your voicemail for the number included in the invite. I did call you, albet wednesday at 10 am! Call me back!

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