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R.D. Hehman



Red Dragon Codex is about a boy named Mudd and his sister Hiera.  The two go on a quest to find a silver dragon pendant, once they find it, a silver dragon will grant one wish.  To get to the pendant though, they must pass three tests of courage, love, and truth.  Along the way they meet several people who agree to go with them, each person wants the dragon pendant for something different.  

I really enjoyed Red Dragon Codex and would recommend it to anybody that enjoys fantasy. I think it would have been cool if the author had put in a foreign language, either one he had made up, or a real one, and then put a glossary in the back.  Other than that it was an excellent book and I am looking forward to reading the rest in the series. 


Overall I give it 4 stars.



  1. hey. isn’t this the book you were reading on saturday? it seems pretty interesting. you should read the door within. lol. it seems like something you would like.

  2. No, that was actually, Kingdom of the Golden Draon. I’d like to read The Door Within, I just need to get my hands on a copy of it.

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