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Here’s a sneak peek at a book I’m writing titled, The Secret Life of Penguins: Book One. This is the first chapter….

Chapter 1
Have you ever thought about something? I mean REALLY thought about it? Sometimes there’s more going on with something than you would think. Take penguins for example. What do you know about them? They’re cute, they can’t fly, and they are great swimmers. That’s mainly all there is to know about them, right? Wrong! There’s more going on with penguins than you would think. For starters, they have a plan to take over the world. Yep, you heard me. They seek world domination, and they don’t like for anybody to get in their way. Now right now you’re probably thinking that I’m some kind of psycho. Well, that’s alright, I get that reaction a lot. “Penguins taking over the world? Ya right!” “Ummmm, have you taken your daily medication yet today?” “Hey, I have the number to a great psychiatrist; you should give her a call!” These are all things people have said to me, but before you put this down, just read a little further, and hopefully soon you’ll start to believe me.
I remember the day that I myself actually found out about the penguins. I didn’t believe it at first, but then it all started to make sense. It was a warm summer day and I was trying to call my grandparents who live in Florida. I dialed the phone thinking that I was calling my grandparents, but oh how wrong I was. I had dialed the wrong number and instead of calling their house in Florida, I accidently called the penguin’s headquarters in Antarctica. How I managed to call Antarctica I’m afraid I’ll never know, but I’m glad I did.
“Hello?” a squeaky voice said.
“Ummmm, grandma? Is that you?”
“Yes”, the squeaky voice said.
“Are you okay grandma? You don’t sound so good.”
“That is the correct password, please hold.”
“Uhhh, alright, but I sure hope this isn’t costing me money.”
Beep! And just like that it was gone and replaced by some very strange sounding music.
This time it was a very deep voice.
“Excuse me?”
“You must have had some reason for calling the NPA headquarters, what is it?”
“NPA? Sir, I’m afraid I dialed the wrong number. I’m-”
“NPA – National Penguin Association. You couldn’t have dialed the wrong number and known the password. On, and I’m not a sir, I’m a Ma’m.”
“Oh my! I’m dreadfully sorry, please forgive me!”
“It’s quite alright. It happens a lot with newcomers. Now, if you’ll hold for just one moment longer I’m going to put you back through to the penguin you first talked to, he’ll get all your information and I’ll see you soon.”
And there was that strange music again.
“Ahhh, hello! Thank you for waiting patiently. I just need a tad bit of information from you, and then I’ll let you go. Your name please.”
“Lauren-Claire. Lauren-Claire Brown.”
“Code-name please, Ms. Brown.”
“Code-name? Ummmm, Oh! Mistwraith!”
“Very interesting. One last piece of information, your address.”
“Oh, it’s 11804 S. Jackson St., Chicago, Illinois, 68539.”
“…539, got it! Thank you very much Ms. Lauren-Claire Brown, enjoy the rest of your day!”
“Uhhh, thank….you too.”



  1. I like it! It’s very good!

  2. Thank you!

  3. Wow! You sure have a lot of contest information!

  4. I try to post about any contests that I hear about on other blogs and stuff.

  5. Really, it’s written very well!

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