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Hi everybody!  Ok, so I’m like really new at this whole blogging thing, so it will probably take me a little bit to get used to it all.  I’m planning on having reviews up for you to read, contests for you to check out, and maybe, if your lucky, I’ll let ya’ll have a sneak peak at what I’m writing.



  1. Very cool! I like your new website. So I didn’t know you were so interested in writing things. What are you working on now? Did I tell you? I won 3rd place in the One Act Play wrighting division from Tulsa Library! $25 prize!

  2. Hey it still says no commets.
    By the way, I’ve got a letter for you that’s been sitting on my desk for 3 weeks. I really ought to finish it, but who’s got the time? :)

  3. comments. I can’t spell

  4. Hey Savannah! Thanks so much for coming to my blog! Congratulations on winning 3rd place, that’s so cool! Right now I’m working on a story about penguins. I’m going to be posting the first chapter here in a few minutes. I have to approve comments before you’ll actually see them, so that’s why it said no comments.

  5. Thank you. I want to read that story!

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